Monday, March 14, 2011

Enery Star Label to Appear on Laptops

Star Ratings are on the way for computers

After making star ratings mandatory for refrigerators and air conditioners, the government is mulling making manufacturers put the efficiency indicator on personal computers (PCs), laptops, photocopiers, printers, fax machines and set top boxes to reflect the energy consumption by these products.

The government is currently compiling a list as to which products would be included in this process and that should comply with star ratings to show the energy consumption. A few of these products includes desktops, laptops and office products like photocopiers, fax machines and printers. These items are being considered because they consume a lot of energy as users keep them on for more than six to eight hours per day, both at homes and in offices. By rating these products the government will ensure better energy efficiency for these products.

According to the proposal, the government will initially put these products in the voluntary list. After six months, it will be mandatory for these products to sport the star ratings. Older computer models such as Dells top quality products liked the Used Dell Inspiron and Refurbished Dell Vostro will not be required to have the star rating.

The labeling program for energy efficiency, popularly known as star labeling, is an initiative undertaken by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) under the ministry of power. Star ratings determine the amount of power used by consumer durable items.

With every rise in the number of stars, energy efficiency improves by 20 percent.

At present, star labeling is mandatory for four products - frost-free refrigerators, , tubular fluorescent lights and distribution transformers. It had come into effect from January, 2010.

According to an official at the power ministry, by 2012-end the government plans to take the number of mandatory products to 11 while adding 21 more products to the voluntary list. It is expected that this new procedure will impact used equipment such as Cheap Laptops which are expected to remain cost effective as more products hit the market.