Thursday, February 17, 2011

Real-time financial risk analysis solution for banks now available

Polaris Software, a company that specializes in financial technology, has recently launched a new risk assessment platform for international banks called Global Risk Audit (GRA).

GRA offers real-time management of financial figures coupled with credit audit capabilities that precisely assess the liquidity and credit risk exposure across dynamically intricate, mass business transactions.

The new banking solution from Polaris provides users with the ability to centralize exposure management across the bank's product offerings and assist in executing better-informed credit decisions.

GRA is a scalable solution to facilitate high volume payment requests and offers a flexible system to process variant messaging and communication standards.

The new innovation is parallel to Sageworks' web-based financial analysis software products. These tools, which are used widespread by lenders and financial analysts, help professionals monitor loan portfolios, assess credit risk, make industry comparisons, in addition to many other features to help improve client relations.

Polaris' GRA is based on SOA (service orientated architecture), covering specific business and financial services, modular types and reusable components - all of which can be used independently per client or converged with multiple accounts.

The product is also able to track bank risk with fast and accurate financial information about clients - by customer and industry sector; adaptability to coexist with the banks' existing business applications landscape; improved customer service such as reduced error rates automated referral process, enhanced global MIS reports at the customer level.

The solution also empowers the credit risk management team to enhance the available balance check process with the introduction of multiple balance computation by combining multiple balance/credit entities and accordingly frame the decisions.