Monday, July 12, 2010

5 Companies Reported to Police for Misusing Software Licenses

The Jakarta Post

Autodesk Inc, a US-based software company, has reported five Indonesian companies to police between December 2009 and June 2010 for misusing the licenses for its products, the company’s executive says.

The companies had been reported to police after ignoring its warnings, Autodesk Indonesia licence compliance manager Turia Fitriano Helmy said Monday.

“We had approached them and tried to persuade them, but they did not admit any faults,” Turia told a press conference.

During a preliminary investigation police had found the five firms had infringed copyright by using pirated Autodesk software for commercial purposes, he said.

The National Police criminal detective agency are currently investigating the cases, involving a hotel, a financing company, a towel manufacturer and a real estate developer in Jakarta, and a mall in Malang, East Java. 

“We have seen that about 70 percent of Autodesk software used by our user companies are pirated products,” he said, adding that AutoCAD software products were the most frequently pirated Autodesk software, followed by 3D Max and Maya, the company’s most popular software for the media and entertainment industries, also used by animation producers. 

Autodesk categorizes two types of misuse. First, companies use pirated AutoCAD 2011 products. Second, the number of users of the software products exceeds those stated in its licenses.

“For example, a company has licensed software for only five computers but uses it for 20. We call this illegal practice under-licensing,” Turia said, adding that many companies duplicated Autodesk software in this way.

Autodesk could easily trace such practices via its online activation service. 

“We can trace it from the serial numbers requested for each software activation,” he said.

However, Autodesk would rather attempt to persuade companies involved in the misuse of its licenses, he said.

Autodesk sells a variety of software at various prices, ranging from US$2,000 to $5,000. It also sells a light version of AutoCAD 2D for $1,500. (ebf)