Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cell Phone Runs on AAA Battery


If you are a cellphone freak with who wants to be always accessible, your worst enemy is probably inside your phone itself. The cell phone battery. As long as you continue using your phone, the battery will keep on losing power and eventually die. God forbid, you're in an area where there is no power source or if you didn't carry your charger along, you're in a fix!

No longer! Say hello to the Olive FrvrOn (Forever On) - probably the only phone in the world that can take in an AAA alkaline battery - apart from the normal "flat" batteries seen on mobile phones. When you run out of power on the "normal" Lithium Ion cellular battery, you can use the AAA battery to charge it for a few hours of usage! Now you know the rationale behind the rather weird naming scheme.

The FrvrOn, whose sole aim is to keep the user connected "forever", comes with a 1.5-inch, 128*128 pixel color display, stereo speakers and FM radio. The feature set on this phone is pretty basic.

If you remove the AAA battery support thing that is sure to turn heads if you open the battery cover in full public view. According to the manufacturer, this device is specifically targeted at the rural user who is often faced with unreliable electricity supply, which increases the chances of his phone dying on him.